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This blog is about obesity and the inanity/insanity it spawns, the encroaching lawsuits and growing diet industry. Obesity is a matter of genes and personal responsibility. You can have an endocrine problem, or you can have a balance problem (too many calories and too little exercise). It’s not where you eat, but how much you eat; it’s not McDonald’s fault, or Mama’s fault, or Washington’s fault if your body is too fat or too thin. Rosabelle.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Diet and exercise myths and studies

Diet and exercise. Everyone seems to be over weight these days, including me. If you pick up a consumer magazine or health journal, obesity (or obesity links to poverty and crime) seems to be the meal ticket (pardon the pun) for social workers, nutritionists and medical writers. Losing weight is no problem. Maintenance is. Most medical reports only go to 18 months for “success” stories. I lost 20 lbs. In October 2006-March 2007. Travel is broadening, and in 2006 we went to Finland, Russia, California, an architectural tour, and to Michigan. We ate a lot of good food. I gained a few pounds back in Ireland that fall, a few pounds in Italy the next year, and a few in our Holy Land tour in 2009. Since 2010 it’s been a hopeless climb back to my 2006 weight. In fact, I’d be happy to weigh what I did in 2009. The June 27 issue of JAMA has another comparison of plans, and STEP, or a stepped care weight loss program does better than the standard behavior mod plan. However,  “The findings do not answer the question of how to achieve weight loss in a manner that will be appealing enough to the participants in long term sustained weight loss." (p. 2641). Really? Who knew? Eat less, move more. It always works. Cross posted at Collecting my Thoughts .

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Rick Warren's new book

                          The Daniel Plan: 40 Days to a Healthier Life  -     By: Rick Warren, Daniel Amen, M.D. & Mark Hyman, M.D.

Today Gretchen Carlson interviewed Rick Warren about his "The Daniel Plan" which is about healthy eating and exercise, and she specifically asked what he thought about the Obamacare mandate requiring Christians to violate their conscience and teachings, and after telling her Christians had the first hospitals he moved right back to talking about his book and didn't answer her question which included a clip of Cardinal Dolan on NBC.

One of the guests with Warren commented on obesity and brain function. Compared to people of normal weight, overweight people’s brains look 8 years older and obese people’s brains appear 16 years older. Warren has lost 65 lbs.--so maybe that was his problem with answering a very clear question.

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