Hugging and Chalking

This blog is about obesity and the inanity/insanity it spawns, the encroaching lawsuits and growing diet industry. Obesity is a matter of genes and personal responsibility. You can have an endocrine problem, or you can have a balance problem (too many calories and too little exercise). It’s not where you eat, but how much you eat; it’s not McDonald’s fault, or Mama’s fault, or Washington’s fault if your body is too fat or too thin. Rosabelle.

Monday, October 08, 2012

How are the knees?

If you're a boomer, planning to vote Obama, AND you are overweight or have some arthritis in the joints, you might want to peruse JAMA Sept. 26, 2012 (a lot of pulbic libraries offer this journal) for the articles about total knee replacements, outcomes, do-overs and costs. It's a $9 billion/year cost, and most patients are on Medicare. I suspect after reading through these articles the TKA will soon be KO'd and you'll just have to live with the pain. If your knees hurt when you're in the voting booth, perhaps they're telling you something? You'll need a subscription to read the entire article, but here is the abstract.