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This blog is about obesity and the inanity/insanity it spawns, the encroaching lawsuits and growing diet industry. Obesity is a matter of genes and personal responsibility. You can have an endocrine problem, or you can have a balance problem (too many calories and too little exercise). It’s not where you eat, but how much you eat; it’s not McDonald’s fault, or Mama’s fault, or Washington’s fault if your body is too fat or too thin. Rosabelle.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Anti-Obesity Programs Fail

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Tuesday the nation’s least-fat state, Colorado, has joined the other 49 states with an obesity rate of at least 20 percent.

Washington’s response to its decades of failures with anti-obesity programs is the creation of another program campaign.

Anti-Obesity Programs Fail | Obesity Statistics | First Lady | The Daily Caller

Monday, July 18, 2011

Taking fat children away from their parents--what will they think of next?

I haven't seen the July 13 issue of JAMA yet, but it contains an opinion piece that suggests obese children might need to be removed from their parents' home. Yes, and that's because the state has done such a wonderful job in those areas already assigned to it.

Jonathon Bean, who I believe teaches at Ohio State, writes: "Disclosure: I was a “super-obese” teenager at 320 lbs. My brothers were normal weight. My parents urged me to limit my diet but I ate secretly. Then, on my own, I lost 140 lbs in a single year and have kept if off for 28 years (I’m 10 lb over my 21 year old weight). That was my decision. Imagine if the know-it-alls in DCFS had put me in foster care, supervised by my new rotating parents and caring social workers. Yes, children, this is our Brave New World fast in the making."

JAMA: State Should Seize Fat Children from Parents | The Beacon

Bean says this is how the left always works: propose something really outlandish, so that when you try something less, it seems moderate. It's worked on other issues, and he lists them in the Beacon article.

I think social workers and academics are panicking because childhood obesity has leveled off in the last decade, and they fear a funding source might be drying up. Maybe you should write the author and give him a piece of your mind. Sounds like he needs it. David S. Ludwig, MD, PhD, Children's Hospital, 300 Longwood Ave, Boston, MA 02115. (

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