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This blog is about obesity and the inanity/insanity it spawns, the encroaching lawsuits and growing diet industry. Obesity is a matter of genes and personal responsibility. You can have an endocrine problem, or you can have a balance problem (too many calories and too little exercise). It’s not where you eat, but how much you eat; it’s not McDonald’s fault, or Mama’s fault, or Washington’s fault if your body is too fat or too thin. Rosabelle.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Avoid these mid-life risk factors, guys

Get married, stop smoking and lose weight.

Certain risk factors affect survival rate in men: overweight, hyperglycemia and hypertension, smoking and excessive drinking, hypertriglyceridemia, lack of higher education, and not being married. Risk factor models based on cumulative risk factors (survival risk score) suggest that the probability of survival to oldest age is as high as 69% with no risk factors and as low as 22% with 6 or more risk factors. The probability of exceptional survival to age 85 years was 55% with no risk factors but decreased to 9% with 6 or more risk factors. JAMA. 2006;296:2343-2350.

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